I recently did a shopping haul on my YouTube channel. Thought I would post it on over here too! I love seeing what deals are going on, what other people buy for their kids, where they like to shop. Enjoy! XO


While I have been very active on all my other social media platforms, I have totally neglected this blog the past six months! With the new year I want to get back to posting more regularly on here, because this blog is first and foremost a journal for me that I never want to stop using. The main thing that has been keeping me away from posting here is that I have been doing much more vlogging. Basically what I would post on my blog now done on video form on my YouTube channel. I have been posting very regularly on there if you are interested. 

Just yesterday I filmed and posted a Second Trimester Update! I haven't posted more about this pregnancy because there hasn't been much to say. I have been feeling amazing and I have hardly any symptoms to even mention. You can hear more about the things that have been changing more recently for me as I am about to start the final trimester of my pregnancy. I can't believe how fast this has flown on by and before I know it I will be a mom of two! A little BOY! AHHH haha I am getting excited :)

The Baby Cubby - Must Haves + My Favorites

I have talked about The Baby Cubby several times on my social media channels and blog, and that is because it is my favorite place to shop for all things baby. This isn't just another baby store, they are unique in so many ways. First off, it is family run, by a couple who are parents themselves, everything they offer feels like a recommendation from a trusted source. They are truly a resource for you mamas! They take pride in offering the best and safest baby gear and providing it to parents in a fun shopping experience. You can test strollers on their stroller track, they actively engage with parents via social media and on their own cubby community blog where they discuss some of those hard topics of parenting.

They offer the best of the best brands, and often are the first to showcase new and upcoming companies and businesses that are making waves in the world of baby must haves. For example I fell in love with everything Little Unicorn when I was pregnant with Ella, and it was so nice to have an actual store front I could go to, to see and buy the product. They often host pop up shops with the brands they work with, offering amazing deals to their customers. They even price match! If you can find it, even on amazon, for a lower price, they will honor that. They also offer free shipping on orders over $49 for those who don't live here in Utah who want to take advantage of their awesome selection. You can read more about their passion behind what they do HERE.

I have put together a little round up of some of my favorite picks from their site, I know you guys will love all the different brands represented on their site!

Little Unicorn Blankets and Sheets // I am such a huge fan of the Little Unicorn designs, and have a ton of blankets and sheets for Ella. I plan to get some for little brother too!

Nuna Pippa and Nuna Rava // I have both of these car seats and am obsessed. I love all Nuna gear! Not only does it look good, it functions with such ease. Everything makes sense, is easy to use, and I just can't say enough about this company and brand.  

Tubby Todd // I have tried the shampoo and love it! The scents are scrumptious, and knowing what I am using on my little one is completely safe is the best. I have been dying to get my hands on the rest of the products in this line, I have heard so many good things.

// I have become a HUGE fan of these bottles. Ella loves them, and they were the perfect transition from breast to bottle.

Happy Baby Wrap // I mean, it is kind of a newborn must! Not only does baby love being close to mama, but what mama doesn't want the constant snuggles of their little one right on their chest?!

Freshly Picked Moccs // I mean, are you surprised? These are everywhere, and for good reason! They are adorable, comfortable, and the perfect first shoe!

Marvelous Moms Club - The Business of Blogging

Over the past year I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts and audio books! It is the best for long drives, cleaning up around the house, or for when I take Ella on a walk. I was pretty flattered when Kirsten from Marvelous Mom's Club asked me to be apart of her podcast, especially since I had been listening to it for months! She has some really great interviews with woman from all walks of life with all different experiences. 

My episode aired yesterday, and I am talking all about how I got into the world of blogging and turned social media into a business. It was a lot of fun just chatting away about so many different things; motherhood, business, entrepreneurship, personal progress, you name it we probably talked about it. She even somehow called that I was pregnant which is pretty funny because I had NO CLUE that I was already expecting when we taped this. 

If you head on over to her site you can access my blogging e-book FOR FREE and a 15% OFF discount code to my shop Lunaby Baby!

Thanks again for having me Kirsten, it is always fun to chat with you! XO